About ONE HealthCare Worldwide (OHWW)

OHWW is a research organization that consolidates and publishes news on various topics in healthcare. Our aim is to share latest trends in Global Healthcare so that professionals can make informed decisions. We are passionate about healthcare and support ethics and quality in healthcare practices. We also aid in structuring innovative healthcare models to curb higher costs of care without substituting quality and efficiency.

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Our vision is to bring together collective collaboration for the purpose of promoting high standards of healthcare, education and sharing best practices in medical-tourism industries.  To pool talents as collective endeavor for enhancing quality of life & patient experience.



Our mission is to promote excellence in research, treatment and provision of better or alternative healthcare options to all individuals.  To provide for the best Value healthcare to all individuals through medical tourism or healthcare travel programs.  Our aim is to showcase the best talents from around the globe for create awareness of their offering to the World Patient TM.​



  • Build a consortium of global master talents in healthcare industry
  • Promote empirical knowledge and education
  • Engage in research on advanced healthcare business models
  • Encourage continued education and training for higher performance and technological advancements
  • Provide opportunities for physicians to collaborate on a single platform; facilitating better care for patients worldwide
  • Facilitate value partnerships in healthcare for optimizing opportunities in health and ethical practitioners
  • Build better business models and simplifying complex hospital structures for better sustainability
  • To act as a global advocacy for patients and care givers
  • Engage in technological innovations and support start-ups